The All-New BMW 5 Series.

  • Starting at: $61,500
  • Power 249
    hp base
  • Acceleration 6.2
    secs to 100km/h (base)

The all-new BMW 5 Series. Performance, Redefined.

The 7th generation of a legendary line of vehicles — it’s the most innovative 5 Series to date. With show-stopping performance and state-of-the-art technology, it’s redefining what it means to be The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Intuitive technology that puts you in control.

The first BMW ever to have iDrive 6.0, the all-new 5 Series feeds you live content and understands natural speech patterns to fulfill your every command. With Optional Gesture Control, use simple hand gestures to control navigation, communication and entertainment effortlessly, so you can focus on the drive.

Lightweight and lightning fast.

Crafted with lightweight high-strength steel, aluminum, and magnesium, the all-new 5 Series sprints from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds in the 540i xDrive Sedan. An elegant design and superior materials come together for a vehicle that’s as fast as it is sophisticated – with maximum stability, higher efficiency and improved handling.

Attention to detail, inside and out.

The all-new 5 Series is dynamic – with a striking, sporty exterior and a sleek, polished interior. Sharply defined features compose a stunning body that’s fast and functional inside and out.  

Assisted Drive, for ultimate precision.

The all-new 5 Series empowers you to own the road through every twist and turn. Active Lane Keeping Assistant uses camera sensors to detect lane markings and keep your vehicle toward the lane center — giving you confidence every time you get behind the wheel.