Service Appointments with Limited Contact at Pfaff BMW

Pfaff BMW is pleased to offer service appointments that minimize physical interaction or contact during this challenging time. Book an appointment here by using our online booking tool.

How does a limited-contact appointment work?

1 – When you arrive at the dealership, please pull up to the drive-through doors – but do not drive in

2 – A Service Assistant, wearing personal protective equipment for added safety, will meet you at your vehicle to check you in

3 – Your Service Advisor will call your mobile number to walk through your appointment details and to finalize your paperwork

4 – We will forego a signature on the work order, but your Service Advisor will note the time, date, and your authorization

5 – If you have arranged alternative transportation, (i.e., someone giving you a ride) we ask that you move to their vehicle, leaving your keys in yours

6 – If you are picking up a replacement vehicle, a MOTUS representative will meet you with a disinfected replacement vehicle, with the necessary paperwork for you to sign – following the same precautions as the check in-process

While you are away:

1 – We will disinfect of your vehicle (please note: this is not a detail

2 – Our technicians will perform your requested service(s)

3 – We will re-disinfect your vehicle and advise you that it is ready for pickup

When you arrive back at the dealership:

1 – If you are in a replacement vehicle, please pull up to the drive-through doors but do not enter; if you are arriving in an alternative fashion, give us a call when you’ve arrive

2 – We will bring out your fully disinfected keys, paperwork, and credit card machine, so you can receive your vehicle with minimal interaction

3 – Your advisor will be available to answer all your questions and review your paperwork by phone; we also offer mobile payment and TD Merchant portals, which allow you to pay over the phone

4 – Your invoice will be sent electronically