The most convenient, flexible way to drive a BMW M.

The most convenient, flexible way to drive a BMW M. At Pfaff, we’ve been selling, driving, and servicing high-performance vehicles for over 50 years. We know the thrill that comes from acquiring and driving a high-performance vehicle. We also understand the desire to have the latest model.
The Pfaff Performance Lease is an innovative, one-payment product addressing the three most important needs of the performance enthusiast.
• It’s easier for you to acquire your new or pre-owned vehicle with a Pfaff Performance Lease, thanks to competitive rates and attractive residuals.
• You can change cars up to six months before the end of your term, providing you maximum flexibility should you wish to obtain something else.
• For one convenient, all-in payment, you can drive a performance car and enjoy the flexibility of changing vehicles early.
You also get access to benefits including:
• Vehicle pick-up and drop-off service when vehicle maintenance is required
• Invitations to exclusive Pfaff events
• Access to Pfaff track days and other enthusiast-oriented travel programs
Ask your sales representative today about a Pfaff Performance Lease.