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Oil Change

Oil changes are a key component of vehicle maintenance. Changing your car’s oil can ensure that your vehicle continues to have great fuel efficiency and operate as intended.

Pfaff BMW has a service centre where drivers around Mississauga, Ontario, can bring their vehicles for an oil change. Learn a little more about why oil changes are so important and what signs to watch for below.

Why Do Vehicles Need Oil Changes?

Vehicles with combustion engines require oil changes to function properly. Oil circulates throughout your car’s engine, keeping the engine cool and lubricated. Clean oil also helps keep your engine free of various dirt or debris.

Without it, engine parts rub together, causing friction, which increases heat and can lead to damage. Extra heat also contributes to the heat in your engine, raising the temperature and causing damage.  

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Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

There are a few signs drivers can look out for that inform you that your vehicle needs an oil change. The most obvious is the oil change dashboard light in your car. This light tells you when your vehicle’s oil is low or dirty. Some service centres also place stickers in the corner of your vehicle’s windshield to tell you when your next oil change should be according to your odometer.

While you drive, there are a couple of other signs you can watch for:

  • Engine knocking
  • Smell of oil inside the cabin
  • Dirty Oil

As you’re driving, your engine may begin knocking or rumbling sounds. This can indicate that engine parts are rubbing together and there isn’t enough oil.

If you smell oil inside your cabin, your vehicle may be overheating. This is due to either dirty oil or not enough oil.

Have you noticed exhaust smoke behind your vehicle? Your engine may be experiencing an oil leakage.

Schedule Your Vehicle’s Next Oil Change at Our Service Centre

Are you approaching the time for your vehicle’s oil change? Drivers across Mississauga, ON, can schedule an oil change at Pfaff BMW’s service centre. While your car is with us, you’ll experience the Pfaff Difference—our approach to the customer experience.

Schedule service by using our online scheduler or giving us a call today.