Electric Car Dealer Near Me

When you choose an electric vehicle, you select a vehicle that’s earth-friendly, quiet, and gives you the freedom to go anywhere. Starting your search for an electric car dealer near me will come up with a few options, including Pfaff BMW. 

At our electric car dealer, we ensure Mississauga, Ontario, drivers have an excellent experience by providing a knowledgeable staff, big inventory, and electric vehicle service.

Experiencing the Pfaff Difference

The Pfaff Difference is what shoppers can expect when they shop and service their vehicle at our dealership.

At our EV dealership, you can expect upfront pricing. The price you see is the best price we offer, including any potential fees and sales tax.

Your time at our dealership will be spent with only one associate. You and your associate can build a relationship, get a better understanding of what you want out of your next vehicle, and match you to the right model.

EV Inventory

Selecting Your EV

When you’re ready to shop for your EV, you can do this in two ways—online and in person. We have plenty of staff on-site for those who prefer to do their shopping in person.

Our website has our complete inventory listed and a buy online program where you can purchase your vehicle without ever leaving your home. The search filters on our website make it easy for drivers to find EVs that meet their specific criteria, like body style, colour, and trim level.

Depending on the electric vehicle you choose, like the upcoming BMW i3, we offer home charger installation and complimentary maintenance for two years.

Electric Vehicle Service

After you’ve purchased or leased your electric vehicle, you can return to our dealership for routine maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs. We have highly-trained technicians that use genuine BMW parts on your car to maintain its originality and ensure a great fit.

EV Service

Shop for an Electric Vehicle Today

When you shop for an electric vehicle at Pfaff BMW, you’ll experience a one-on-one, personalized approach throughout the entire process—the Pfaff Difference. Reach out to our team when you are ready to shop for an electric vehicle near Mississauga, ON, today.