Capture the exhilaration of Motorsport with BMW M Performance Parts.

Every M Performance component is designed to enhance your BMW's driving dynamics and impart a distinct track-ready appearance. Visit us this month to take advantage of the featured BMW M Performance Parts below.





M Performance Carbon Fibre Shift Knob.

A new design comprised of real carbon fibre, with the M Performance logo integrated into the gear knob graphic. The high-tech open-pore structure provides a pleasant tactile feel.

Price: $240.00 + HST

M Performance Carbon Fibre Handbrake with Alcantara Boot.

The M Performance handbrake with Alcantara combines sporty design with comfort thanks to its high quality open-pore carbon and Alcantara materials. The blend of materials coupled with the silver-grey cross-stitching means that the handbrake offers a new, unmistakable dimension in terms of its look and feel.

Price: $217.00 + HST

M Performance Alcantara/Carbon Fibre Interior.

The Alcantara material used exclusively in the construction of sports cars adds an unprecedented level of style, exclusivity, and tactile appeal to the interior of your vehicle.

Starting from: $880.00 + HST

BMW M Performance Key Case.

High-quality Alcantara leather key case that combines both elegance and functionality. The combination of Alcantara and carbon allows it to perfectly match the other M Performance products.

Price: $81.00 + HST

BMW M Performance LED Door Sill Cover Strip.

Made of high-quality stainless steel. Features illuminated lettering to light your way every time you step into or out of your vehicle. Available for a wide range of BMW models.

Starting from: $325.00 + HST