BMW X5 Accessories


Aluminium running boards

Broadened step surface made of brushed and anodized aluminium.


All-weather floor mats

Very durable, waterproof. Available in Anthracite.


Digital wireless headphones

With an exclusive BMW design and specially adapted to the optional Rear Entertainment system. Featuring digital, interference-free transmission, volume control, high-quality sound imaging and excellent comfort. For vehicles from 07/12 with Rear Entertainment (option 6FH/6FR).


Fitted luggage compartment mat

Luggage compartment system with a non-slip, precisely fitting matt in durable plastic. Oil and solvent resistant.
BMW rail carrier systemMaximum permissible roof load: 100 kg. The base support arms are made of high-strength aluminium tubing. The BMW base support system with anti- theft locks complies with the most stringent safety requirements.


BMW rail carrier system

The roof rack with tool-free mounting can be used with all BMW roof base support systems and roof boxes. It installs easily and complies with the highest standards in quality and safety thanks to its sturdy construction and a lock system that protects against theft. For vehicles with roof rails.


Fitted luggage compartment mat

The durable, anti-slip, water-resistant mat with raised border on all sides protects the luggage compartment from dirt and moisture. The black mat features a stainless-steel inlay with “BMW” designation. There is one cloth pocket sewn on both the left and right sides.


Backrest protector

The backrest protector, which keeps the backs of the driver and front passenger seats free from dirt and damage, is particularly suitable for trips with children. It can be fitted and removed in just a few simple steps and is machine-washable.


Backrest bag

A surprisingly handy companion. The backrest bag can be filled with small objects before the journey commences and quickly attached to the backrest of the driver or front passenger seat. Can be folded up and easily carried. Durable and easy-to-clean material in black/red..


Glasses case

With “BMW” lettering. Can be easily attached to the sun visor or handles, for example. Can be operated with a single hand. A soft inner material prevents glasses from getting scratched.


Key case

Attractive fine-leather case for your vehicle key. Also available in the Sport, Urban and M Sport package variations to match your respective vehicle line.


BMW USB charger

The original BMW USB charging adapter is simply inserted into the cigarette lighter. This allows various external devices to be quickly and conveniently charged, such as a smartphone or MP3 player.


Dual USB charging adapter/quick-charger

Conveniently charge mobile devices in the vehicle via the cigarette lighter. Charge up to two mobile devices at the same time. Higher charging current enables fast charging (Quick Charging). Suitable for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and many other mobile USB devices. Easy handling, compact, ideal for on the road. Perfectly suits the interior design of the car.


Micro USB cable

For individualized music enjoyment, various audio sources can be integrated into the vehicle and charged using the micro USB adapter. An MP3 player or smartphone can then be directly operated via the car’s own built-in system.


Apple Lighting cable

An Apple iPod or iPhone can be integrated in the vehicle and charged using the USB adapter. Music collections stored on the device can then be played via the car’s loudspeaker system. The system can be operated either via the iDrive Controller, multifunction buttons on the steering wheel or the radio.


Roof box 320

Slightly smaller than the Roof Box 460, but equally convenient and sturdy. Features anti-theft triple central locking. 320 ltr. (11 cu.ft). Dimensions: 75″L x 24″W x 15″H. Silver or black top casing with black bottom casing.


Roof box 460

The Roof Box 460 is easy to load, thanks to an innovative system that opens from both sides. Features anti-theft triple central locking. 460 ltr. (16.2 cu.ft). Dimensions: 91″L x 32″W x 15″H. Silver or black top casing with black bottom casing.BMW Base Support System required. Dimensions (LxWxH): 91″ x 32″ x 15″. Unladen weight approximately 57 lbs. Capacity approximately 16.2 cu.ft..


BMW Touring Bike and mountain bike holder

This sturdy attachment transports touring cycles, mountain bikes or racing bicycles with 1” – 2.1” frame diameters and tires 1” – 2.2” wide. Lockable. (Requires base support, as shown)BMW Base Support System required. Vehicle must be equipped with roof rails..


BMW Ski and snowboard holder

This dual purpose transporter offers two Ski and Snowboard configurations and can accommodate either 2 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of sticks and 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis and 4 pairs of ski sticks.BMW Base Support System required. Please note that clamping width at the ski holder is 3.0 inches. 89.8″ x 32″ x 12.2″ ( L x W x H) Unladen Weight: 60 lbs. (approximately) Capacity: 15.9 cu.ft. (approximately). Vehicle must be equipped with roof rails, contact your center for more information.


Travel & Comfort system, Coathanger

The coat hanger allows clothes to be transported without creasing. It can also be detached from the mounting and used to carry clothes outside the vehicle. The modular Travel & Comfort system is designed around a separately available base support that can be easily fixed between the headrest bars. A coat-hanger, folding table, universal hook or an Apple iPad holder can then be fitted. Only in conjunction with base attachment.


Travel & Comfort system base support

The modular Travel & Comfort System utilities a basic carrier that can be easily mounted between the headrest pillars. This can then be used with a clothes hanger, a folding table, a universal hook or a holder for the Apple iPad. The high-quality design of the Travel & Comfort System is available in matt Black with silver accents and is a perfect addition to interior of a BMW. Base attachment for Travel & Comfort system.


Travel & Comfort system, Universal hook

The universal hook can be used to hang items such as light bags or a garment bag.


Travel & Comfort system, Folding table

The folding table provides practical desk space for rear passengers. Both the height and the angle are adjustable. It also features a fold-out cup holder with a sophisticated chrome edge.


BMW Racing bike holder, lockable

Quick-release fastening on the front wheel fork and a belt fastener on the rear wheel keep your bike or cycle in place. A holder that secures the front wheel of the bicycle to the roof rack base is also available. Requires BMW Base Support System-as shown. Travel & Comfort system, Holder for Apple iPad.
For integrating an Apple iPad 2, 3 or 4, including a port for USB/charging cable. Can be easily attached
to the basic carrier (required) and removed at the touch of a button. The Apple iPad can be easily
clipped into the 360° rotating frame. The fact that it can be set to various positions ensures that rear
passengers have a comfortable reading angle, can watch videos in a relaxed position or engage in
online communication


DVD System

Fully-fledged rear entertainment system consisting of two portable monitors and two holders that fasten to the headrest support bars. For playing video DVDs, audio CDs as well as data CDs and DVDs. Includes USB port and slot for SD/MMC/MS memory cards. The built-in speakers can be switched off when headphones are used. For wireless listening pleasure we recommend the infrared headphones, which are available as an optional extra.The benefits at a glance:

  • 7-inch diagonal screen
  • Compatible with many CD and DVD formats
  • USB port
  • SD/MMC/MS memory cards
  • Built-in speakers

Infrared stereo headphones

Infrared stereo headphonesSpecially designed for use with BMW DVD systems. With individual volume control, outstanding sound quality and excellent comfort. For vehicles with DVD system in the rear.

Factory Go Pro Mounts

Factory Go Pro Mounts

Capture the finest moments of your drive with ease. These BMW GoPro mounts eliminate camera shake, making for razor-sharp images.
The interior BMW GoPro mount, in high quality plastic and with a BMW design, installs easily, connecting to your BMW’s head restraint. With its flexible 360-degree rotation, your GoPro will not miss a single picture. For vehicles with ConnectedDrive, the GoPro camera can even be operated using the Controller and the display. Alternatively, the camera can be operated exclusively through the GoPro smartphone app.