BMW 330i vs. Audi A4

BMW 330i vs. Audi A4
BMW 330i
Audi A4
At a Glance: 330i vs. A4

When it comes to your next vehicle, you want something that delivers on the roads of Mississauga, ON.

The strength of either the 2022 BMW 3 Series 330i or the 2022 Audi A4 can meet that. They both offer industry-leading performance, luxurious amenities, and top-notch comfort, but only one of these vehicles will offer more in every category. Our team at Pfaff BMW is here to find out which one.



225 HP | 201 HP
330i vs A4


5.6 seconds | 6.7 seconds
330i vs A4


10.25-inch | 10.1-inch
330i vs A4
Which Sedan Is Right for You?
BMW 330i

Models like the BMW 330i and the Audi A4 are powerful and agile. With them, you are able to experience a swift and nimble performance. As you travel, you’ll also be conserving fuel, thanks to their impressive fuel efficiency ratings.

Which luxury sedan sports the quickest acceleration and better efficiency?

BMW 330i
Powerful Start Up

The BMW 330i and the Audi A4 come standard with powerhouse engines. In fact, the 330i’s engine delivers 255 horsepower while A4's engine just has 201 horsepower.

That power makes the BMW 330i the quicker sedan. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds. It takes the Audi A4 6.7 seconds to reach the same speed.

Engine Efficiency

If you think more power means less efficiency, the 2022 330i and the Audi A4 prove otherwise. The BMW sports a combined fuel consumption of 8.3 L/100 km, while the Audi achieves a combined fuel consumption of 8.2 L/100km.1

With slightly greater fuel efficiency in the BMW, you’ll be able to travel farther on a single tank and make fewer pitstops to refuel.

BMW 330i

Your seat behind the wheel of your sports car should be as comfortable as possible.

With standard comforts in the 330i and the A4, either sedan will deliver. However, the BMW’s unique touches will elevate your in-cabin experience.

BMW 330i
Comforting Cabin

Both models are available with the supple touch of leather-trimmed upholstery for your ultimate comfort. Only the BMW 330i, however, is available with a fine-wood trim with various toned accents.

Both models sport glass roofs and ambient lighting, so you can set the mood when the sun is up or when the sun makes its descent.

In-Cabin Concierge Service

No matter what time of day you’re driving, you’ll always have a digital copilot by your side in the BMW. On every 330i trim level, you’ll find the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant that’s activated by saying, “Hello, BMW.”

Once activated, you can ask this sedan to play the next song, make a call, or ask for directions to the nearest café. Unfortunately, the Audi goes without a similar feature.

BMW 330i

As you drive, do you wish you could stay connected with friends, family, or co-workers? In the BMW 330i and the Audi A4, you can do just that with their suites of technology. Smartphone integration and impressive displays make it easy to pair your phone or pull up directions. Which model can offer you the better user experience, though?

BMW 330i
Keep in Touch with Your Infotainment

When you have clients and co-workers to stay in touch with, connectivity is a must. Inside the 2022 330i, you’ll have a suite of intelligent tools at your disposal that will help you access all your important information.

Both sedans also feature a wide array of connectivity applications to help keep everyone entertained. It all starts with their interactive infotainment displays, in which the BMW edges out the Audi slightly in terms of size. The 330i features a 10.25-inch display, while a 10.1-inch display resides in the Audi.

Ergonomic Controls

The iDrive Touch Controller is one feature you’ll only get with the BMW 330i. It helps keep all your infotainment controls comfortably within reach. With just a twist or touch of the dial, you can scan your contacts or put on a playlist.

On the other hand, the Audi A4 resorts to traditional buttons and its touchscreen interface to access your entertainment. However, if you’d prefer a more user-friendly experience, the added dial in the BMW 330i will grant you that.

Test Drive the BMW 330i

After reviewing the details of the technologies contained inside these sedans, it’s likely you’re ready to take on the roads of Mississauga, ON. With the BMW 330i, you’ll tackle every obstacle better than before.

To explore the amenities contained in this agile vehicle, stop by the showroom at Pfaff BMW or contact us to schedule your test drive and experience the Pfaff Difference today.

All of the tools you need to move forward with experiencing a new 2022 330i for yourself are conveniently available right here online.

[1]The fuel consumption mentioned has been established in accordance with European Regulation 715/2007 in the version in force on the date of approval of the model concerned. Consumption is expressed in litres/100 km. The values indicate fuel consumption if the car is equipped with an automatic gearbox. The indications given may be subject to variations depending on tyre size and type of transmission. The values for the vehicles identified are based on the new WLTP regulation.