Top Five Benefits Of An Electric BMW

Top Five Benefits Of An Electric BMW

One of the biggest steps towards saving the world is to buy an electric BMW. By buying one, you are saving gas and reducing emissions. There are many benefits to owning one of these environmentally-friendly vehicles. If you haven’t experienced driving or riding in an electric car, then there are a few benefits that you need to know about. At our Pfaff BMW Mississauga dealership, our customers can find the electric BMW of their dreams. Our electric BMWs are very high quality, high performance, and can handle all of your daily driving needs. Continue reading this article to learn about the top five benefits of an electric BMW.

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Electric BMWs are Cheaper to Run

One of the reasons people buy electric BMWs is because they are cheaper to run. The initial purchase price may be more expensive than what you would pay for a traditional gas-powered vehicle, but in the long run, you will see savings when it comes time to buy gas. That’s right! Electric BMWs don’t require gas to run. All you need is a plug and some electricity, which costs less than the average price of gasoline.

Electric BMWs Save You Time

Another reason to buy an electric BMW is that it saves you time. When it comes to buying gas and taking your car in for maintenance, there isn’t much time saved. In fact, it takes longer to buy gas than the average trip to the grocery store. What’s more, is that many BMW dealerships require you to have an appointment in order for their service technicians to work on your vehicle.

Electric BMWs are Fun To Drive

We might be a little biased, but we believe that electric BMWs are very fun to drive! Our Mississauga dealership has dozens of different styles and models, which make driving one of these cars even more exciting. The instant torque provided by the electric engine allows you to accelerate quickly. We’ve had customers say that they can’t get used to how fast these cars move throughout the city!

Electric BMWs are Safer Than Most Other Cars

Another great benefit of buying an electric BMW is that it’s safer than most other types of cars. Most of the time, electric BMWs are heavier due to the weight of the battery. That being said, more mass means that an electric car will have better brakes and handle collisions better than other types of cars. In addition, electric BMWs also come standard with safety features which include auto emergency braking, pedestrian detection, collision warning, and lane departure warning.

Electric BMWs are Great For The Environment

Last, but definitely not least, electric BMWs are great for the environment. No one wants to contribute to global warming or be responsible for polluting the air with harmful gases. When you take your car out for a spin in an energy-efficient vehicle, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving the environment. Electric cars are great for human health and mother nature!

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