Buy the 2021 BMW X5 SAV 

Buy the 2021 BMW X5 SAV 

Are you looking to purchase a new vehicle in the near future but you are still unsure which type of vehicle to choose? Have you considered a BMW? At Pfaff BMW Mississauga, our customers can find a very large selection of high-end premium quality BMW vehicles to choose from. The 2021 BMW X5 SAV can also be found at our Mississauga dealership, and this vehicle is perfectly capable of being your next daily driving companion. The 2021 BMW X5 is the epitome of what a luxury SAV should be. The interior is decked out with all sorts of luxury amenities, the cabin is spacious, and the components under the hood are impressive. If you would like to buy the 2021 BMW X5 SAV, we encourage you to continue reading this article about some of its features. 

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The 2021 BMW X5 hugs the road 

The BMW X5 handles itself beautifully. In any model, drivers can take tight corners with ease and have great control at all times. Standard on the SAV is a double-wishbone suspension in the front and a multi-link rear suspension in the back. On the hybrid version, dynamic damper control can smooth out the ride, as can the two-axle air suspension. On the M trim, the damper system is even more advanced, and this enhancement is key because the strong engine needs high-quality components to balance it out.

xDrive for every driving condition 

Rather than working only part of the time, BMW’s xDrive system is always engaged. If the road is clear and well-paved, the standard ratio of power sent to the front and rear axles is 40:60. If things aren’t ideal, then the SAV can send more power to the wheels that have better traction. xDrive can compensate for oversteering and understeering, and it can actually be utilized more than one might think. When the X5 is taking a quick turn, driving in wet conditions, climbing mountains, or dealing with rough patches, xDrive can prove to be useful.

Comes with advanced technology inside 

BMW decided to put in not one, but two large digital screens in the X5. Behind the steering wheel, the instrument cluster is called Live Cockpit Professional. It provides drivers with a lot of easy-to-read information. Since navigation is standard on all X5s, this “cockpit” can show a map of where someone is heading. The central display, like the Live Cockpit Professional, measures 12.3 inches. It can be operated through voice commands, its touchscreen, or a physical knob that some people may prefer.

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