How to Clean my BMW Properly 

How to Clean my BMW Properly 

Keeping your BMW clean does not only help you keep the visual appearance of your car but also how your BMW functions. Cleaning your BMW doesn’t have to include just an interior and exterior wash. You can also have your BMW vehicle’s electrical and mechanical components professionally cleaned as well. However, in this article by Pfaff BMW Mississauga, we will just focus on how you can properly clean your BMW so that it stays in the best condition inside and out. There’s nothing quite like the sight of that brand new BMW. The paint and glossy wax finish under the showroom lights are as pristine as they’ll ever be, so how can that type of finish possibly be maintained? Read on to find out!

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Invest in regular car washes for your BMW 

Making sure your BMW is regularly cleaned will go a long way in extending its life. Dead bugs, bird droppings, pollen, dirt, and other debris can damage your paint if not washed away in time. Running your BMW through an automatic car wash once a week is ideal, as is planning a regularly scheduled hand wash for more detailed cleaning. If washing your car once a week doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, aim to at least have the car thoroughly cleaned by hand once a month.

Learn how to wash your car properly

Knowing how to wash your car properly is another good way to extend the life of the vehicle. Yes, you can just randomly spray down your BMW and wipe it down, but there are proper techniques to use when cleaning a vehicle of such calibre as a BMW. Always wash the vehicle in a cool, shady place with soft water. Hard water contains minerals that can leave unsightly spots when the water evaporates. Contrary to popular DIY wisdom, never use household cleaners, laundry soap, or dish soap to wash your BMW. These products strip away the finish, potentially resulting in damage. Always use a soap that’s designed for cars, and wash your vehicle from the top down. Keep plenty of microfiber towels on hand for washing, drying, and applying wax, car polish, or other car-care products.

Polish and wax your BMW 

Polishing your car adds luster back into the BMW’s finish, but it won’t protect the paint. After you’ve applied the glaze or polish it by hand using small, circular strokes, you need to follow up with the wax coat for best results. Waxing should be done at least every three months, but it’s a good idea to apply car wax after every wash to ensure the finish is always protected. 

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