BMW Coupe or Sedan? 

BMW Coupe or Sedan? 

Have you been trying to decide which type of car to buy and you are going back and forth between a coupe and sedan? At Pfaff BMW Mississauga, our dealership is home to a very large selection of new and pre-owned BMW coupes and sedans. Both of these vehicle variants offer many benefits, and if you are looking for more information about if you should purchase a BMW coupe or sedan, then you have come to the right place. In this article by Pfaff BMW Mississauga, we share some information about BMW coupes and sedans for your research.

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What’s the deal with coupes? 

Coupes are known to have four doors, which makes them more spacious and can offer convenience when getting in and out of the car for passengers who sit in the backseat. Coupes were first created in the 1800s, and they continued to increase in popularity in the 1960s. Sedans have four doors and can be ideal for those who plan to travel with children and use car seats due to their ease of use when having to access the backseat on a daily basis.

In some cases, the rear is cut out in coupes, which creates a roomier front seat for the driver and passenger. Many sports cars often have a coupe body style and can race at higher speeds because they weigh less and have a smaller size. They often look stylish and edgy due to their size and can be fun to ride in when hitting the highway. For those who want to drive a coupe without compromising on the amount of space that is available, four-door coupes are also made and can make it easier to seat extra people.

What about sedans?

Sedans can be an ideal option for those who plan on taking road trips or need extra cargo space when going shopping. Sedans are known to appeal to more people who want to have a higher level of comfort and more space to stretch their legs out in the backseat. They are also known for having a longer wheelbase compared to coupes with back seats that can seat three people comfortably in the backseat. Additional cargo space in the trunk also makes it easier to transport bulky or large items while on the go.

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