FAQs About BMW Electric Vehicles 

FAQs About BMW Electric Vehicles 

Are you tired of driving a vehicle that emits harmful emissions into the atmosphere? Are you considering switching to a hybrid electric vehicle, but you are unaware of where to start looking, or even what you should look for at all? Thankfully, at Pfaff BMW in Mississauga, ON, our experts can provide you with all of the information you are looking for and so much more! Additionally, at our dealership in Mississauga, we have a very large selection of BMW electric vehicles that you can take for a test drive so that you can truly experience and begin to understand better. In this article by Pfaff BMW, we share some information about some FAQs about BMW electric vehicles. 

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What should I know about the high-voltage batteries in BMW electric vehicles?

One important external factor influencing the performance and capacity of a battery is the temperature. As you probably know from your mobile phone battery, the performance is restricted in cold and hot temperatures. In your vehicle, however, this temperature influence is largely minimized by means of optimized operating strategies. And did you know that the capacity also yields information on the range you may have? Apart from temperature, other influential factors are devices in use, such as the air conditioning, the load carried, and your driving style.

How will my driving style affect the range?

As is the case for a vehicle with a conventional propulsion system, the driving style also affects the range in an electric car. As a general rule, an anticipatory, relaxed, and uniform style of driving optimizes your range. If, for example, you reduce your speed on the motorway from 130 km/h to 110 km/h, you can noticeably increase your range. During recuperation, that means whenever you lift your foot from the accelerator pedal, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and fed into the battery, and as a result, you gain further kilometers in range.

What if my destination is farther than the vehicle’s range? 

If your navigation destination is outside of the electric range, a charging option is automatically added to your route, or alternatively, you get suggestions for relevant charging stops. There is plenty of BMW chagrin stops across Ontario. You can even ask your BMW to navigate you to charging areas along your route. 

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