The BMW Vision M Next 

The BMW Vision M Next 

A statement for the driver: Unlike the BMW Vision iNEXT, which showed how autonomous driving will change life on board, the BMW Vision M NEXT demonstrates how digital intelligence can make the self-determined driving experience more pure and emotional. If you are a BMW enthusiast or an automobile enthusiast in general, then you will appreciate learning about new vehicle concepts that are bringing us into the future. At Pfaff BMW in Mississauga, ON, we are not just in the business of facilitating the sale of high-end BMW vehicles. We are also in the business of providing the public with plenty of information about new BMW concept vehicles that are about to propel us into the future. In this article, we share some information about the BMW Vision M Next.  

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Very attractive design 

For the BMW Vision M NEXT, the BMW design team has drawn on elements of the iconic BMW Turbo and the innovative BMW i8 and interpreted them in a future-oriented way. In keeping with the new BMW design strategy, the BMW Vision M NEXT portrays a strong character with its sporty proportions and just a few precise lines. The design of the BMW Vision M NEXT is the result of an internal contest. BMW designers competed against one another with their hand-drawn sketches and visualizations. Several rounds took place to select the best designs until, finally, the draft to be implemented was picked out. The process from initial idea to complete vision vehicle took roughly 18 months.

Driving pleasure redefined 

The BMW Vision M NEXT shows the next step of the typical BMW driver orientation. The entire interior focuses on the BOOST Pod. Geometry is consciously restrained so that the driver can concentrate completely on the driving experience.

Very intuitive 

Intelligent technologies in the BMW Vision M NEXT support the driver and supply the right information at exactly the right time. Operation is intuitive and unambiguous, all details are displayed directly in the driver’s field of vision. 

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