What makes BMW tires so important?

What makes BMW tires so important?

At Pfaff BMW Mississauga, we understand that most drivers don’t consider tires as part of the equation in keeping their BMW vehicles in top-performing condition, but it’s important to remember that tires do more than rotate and turn with the wheel. If you are looking for information about what type of tires you should equip your BMW with, then you have come to the right place. At our Pfaff BMW Mississauga dealership, our valued customers can take advantage of our state-of-the-art service department for their BMW tire needs. In this article, we share some information about what makes BMW tires so important. 

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How to get the right tires for your BMW vehicle

If you are looking for information about if your tires need to be replaced or not, we have included some common questions that we get in regards to BMW tires. 

Why are tires so important? 

Tires help your BMW stay on the road during all kinds of weather. The tread on the tires grip the road and assist your vehicle in moving along safely. Improperly worn tires are dangerous, as are tires that are over or under-inflated.

Can’t I buy tires anywhere? 

We recommend buying your tires from us at Pfaff BMW Mississauga because we know what type of tires are the best fit for your vehicle, especially when it comes to the specific power of your engine. Sizing is also key, and we know what ones fit your car best.

Do I really need a set of summer and winter tires? 

Yes, winter tires are integral to your safety during the snowy and icy months of the year, while summer tires help to keep you safe in warmer weather in Mississauga. Winter tires can drive on snow better while withstanding dramatic drops in the temperature. Summer tires can handle extreme heat and tread water much better than winter tires.

What maintenance does my BMW need related to the tires? 

Keeping an eye on your tires is a great step to be in the habit of doing. Seeing a nail or foreign object in your tire is important before you set out on the road to prevent damage to your rims. Similarly, we recommend ensuring proper inflation, never too much, never too little, and routine tire rotations will all keep your tire tread wearing evenly.

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