Which BMW SUV should I buy

Which BMW SUV should I buy

What if BMW approached making sport utility vehicles differently from other automakers? What if they could develop BMW SUVs that handle both agility and power? What if they showed speed and acceleration without sacrificing cargo space and passenger room? What if BMW made the Ultimate Sports Utility Driving Machine? At Pfaff BMW in Mississauga, our customers can find a large variety of BMW SUVs. If you are looking for information about which BMW SUV you should buy, then you have come to the right place. In this blog by Pfaff BMW, we talk about some different BMW SUV models.

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The BMW X1

Start with the BMW X1. It has a beautiful 228 horsepower engine and a sharp focus on agility. It gets going quickly – if it was a running back, you’d say it has a powerful first step off the line. That burst also shows up when making merges and cuts in traffic, even when hauling bulky cargo in its ample hold. The BMW X1 is the getting-your-feet-wet model. If you want to take the temperature of the water before you get in the pool, it’s perfect to lease. You get a great sense of what the BMW X Series focuses on in terms of balancing practical, everyday use with exciting, stress-free driving.

The BMW X4

Plenty of people do a double-take at the X4. It’s an SUV with a design based on BMW’s famously nimble coupes. It does this without sacrificing the passenger room of a crossover. If you ever wondered what a coupe would perform as if it was even bigger, you’ll be pleased. The X4 is sharp and sporty on the road. The best-in-class acceleration of the X4 M40i takes you from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds. It also gets great fuel economy without giving up any power. You won’t find that finely engineered balance in any other SUV.

The BMW X2

The BMW X2 focuses on upping the ante. It has a sleek, assertive style. Its windswept look accentuates its speed. The handling puts a focus on driving pleasure, with attention given to standout stability and smoothness. The X2 is a technological powerhouse, with tons of connectivity options. When you want a BMW sport utility vehicle that boldly announces your arrival and turns heads, this is the one.

The BMW X5

The BMW X5 is the largest of the BMW Sport Utility Vehicles. It boasts a tactile road feel and great power and acceleration. Its popularity proves its effectiveness, and also means an incredible range of options are available.

You can opt for one of four different powertrains, including a 445 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. There are multiple design styles, as well as an incredible range of technology and driver-assist options.

The BMW X3

The BMW X3 is a strong beast with all the get-up-and-go of the BMW 3 Series. It mirrors an SUV’s usefulness while its engineering is built with the attitude of a powerful road car. The handling is a joy, on-road or off. The cabin is finely trimmed in premium materials. Like the X2, there’s a major focus on technology, but the X3 goes straight for power and utility.

The BMW X6

Taking the combination of sporty BMW coupe performance in a crossover one step further is the X6. It’s the world’s first Sports Activity Coupe and, well, it’s not exactly modest. The X6 is downright boastful, with raw power directed into turn-on-a-dime agility. It’s designed to thrill inside and out. The infotainment system is one-of-a-kind in its completeness and ease of use. The interior is one of BMW’s best.

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