Should I buy a 2018 BMW X1

Should I buy a 2018 BMW X1

The 2018 BMW X1 is an instantly recognizable BMW classic. This crossover SUV from BMW is the best of both worlds for the company, offering the known sportiness and nimble handling of the brand while providing a suite of useful technology and utility features. If you are considering buying a high-end pre-owned BMW vehicle, then the 2018 BMW X1 could be the right choice for you! However, there are many questions to ask and features to read about, and all of this research should be done before you come into Pfaff BMW for a test drive! For Mississauga residents wondering if they should buy a 2018 BMW X1, we encourage you to continue reading this blog about some of the features!

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Impressive driving dynamics

Cars of this size generally feel a tad sluggish on the road, whether that sluggishness is in acceleration, turning, or general handling. The 2018 BMW X1 is the exact opposite. Every command registered from the steering wheel and the throttle hits the road in record time, giving you top-tier road feel and handling.

Subtle exterior design

While most BMWs are very up-front about their brand’s styling, the X1 prefers a more subtle design. The twin grille at the front and the classic headlight design point toward this car being a BMW, but the rest of the design is much subtler than other cars in BMW’s lineup. The subtle styling on the exterior gives this crossover a fresh take on the normal crossover look, particularly an extended exterior rib that runs directly across the side of the body, giving the X1 a more confident and sleek look.

Full of technology

Two things stand out in the 2018 BMW X1’s interior. The gauge cluster is the first, with an elegant and minimal arrangement that’s simultaneously classy and readable. The second is the center console where hard, analog buttons surround an in-built infotainment system, along with buttons for the car’s radio and climate control system.

Safety features

The 2018 BMW X1 now comes standard with a rear-view camera, which is quite useful for this larger-than-average vehicle. There are also quite a few active safety features included in the Driver Assistance Plus package, including front collision warnings, pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warning. The automated emergency braking system is also quite nice.

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