How to test drive a BMW before buying it

How to test drive a BMW before buying it

For some people, the process of purchasing a new vehicle is simple. Head to local dealership of choice, point to car, sign on the dotted line and drive away. These people are very few and far between. Trust us. We know. For the vast majority of shoppers, that “drive away” moment comes after months of research done both online and in person, and careful consideration. And while there are many ways to approach the online portion of your due diligence, there are a few things everyone should do during a test drive. In this blog by Pfaff BMW, we take a look at how you should test drive the BMW you are looking at before you buy it!

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During your test drive…

Basically, your test drive should match your driving requirements. If you regularly drive on rugged or uneven terrain, find a hill and see how the car climbs. If you have a highway commute, get on the freeway and see how the car accelerates into traffic and performs at higher speeds. Evaluate the following specific points during your test drive:

Acceleration: Does the car downshift quickly and smoothly? Is there enough power to pass on the highway or to go up hills?

Engine and road noise: How does the car sound when you strongly accelerate? Is there a lot of noise from the tires? Is the cabin quiet?

Braking: How is the pedal feel? Do the brakes “grab” suddenly?

Steering and handling: Is the vehicle responsive? Can you feel the road through the steering wheel?

Suspension: Is it stiff or soft? Does the vehicle ride comfortably on a rough road?

These are a few common attributes you will want to test while you are out on a test drive in the BMW of your choice.

During the test drive, the salesperson may point out features about the car or ask how you like it. No matter how much you love the car, remain noncommittal and stay focused on learning all you need to know from the test drive. When you’re back at the dealership, recheck anything else you might have noticed on the test drive. Remember that little things you spot now could be major annoyances later, so don’t discount any of your reactions. Another tip: Make sure to test all the tech features as well.

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned BMW, it is always important to take it for a test drive before you buy it. Doing this is the only way you can truly experience the car as your new daily driver! If you are looking for how you can test drive a BMW before you buy it, then a visit to our Pfaff BMW dealership is all that’s needed!

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