Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned

Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned

When shopping for a used vehicle, your best bet in finding a pre-owned car that handles like-new is choosing a BMW from the Certified Pre-Owned Program. Why buy from the Certified Pre-Owned Program, you may ask? In this article by Pfaff BMW, we will discuss the rigorous inspection process every BMW must complete before being awarded this lofty title. So stay tuned below before heading over to our Mississauga dealership to experience complete excellence in our Certified inventory.

360 Degrees Of Inspection

Before a used BMW can have the Certified title bestowed upon them, each model must first undergo an extensive inspection process at the hands of professional BMW factory-trained technicians.

Vehicle Data

Mileage of the BMW in question is checked to make sure it has not gone over the capped limit to be considered for the program. The service history is looked over, as well as collision damage. This information is placed in a Vehicle History Report, which can then be read by potential buyers to learn the essential details of the specific car.

Technical And Mechanical Aspects

The technical and mechanical conditions will be thoroughly investigated, including the functionality of the navigation system, as well as the fault memory and car battery. It will also be vehicle road tested at this time.

Wheel And Light Examination

Tire pressure and tire tread are meticulously inspected to ensure that grip and performance are up to the high standard of the BMW name. The ABS System will also undergo an examination to make sure everything is in perfect working order. Front and rear lights, as well as hazards and door lock lights, are all looked over and tested to identify and address any issues.

Interior Walk through

All seat features will be tested to guarantee full functionality for drivers and passengers alike, including seatbelts, and heating and AC capabilities. Camera and park distance control functionals will also be examined.

 Safety Functions

Airbags, alarms, driver assistance systems, and safety systems are rigorously scrutinized by our technicians to secure safe and effective driving for our clients.

Underhood Check

Finally, the engine, transmission, suspension, V-belts, and fluid levels are all inspected under the hood before the BMW is taken out for the final test drive in which our technicians will check the performance of the engine, transmission, and vehicle handling. All of these critical steps to the examination process come together to create a Certified BMW that offers drivers 100% sheer driving pleasure, and excellence in every driving endeavour.

The Pfaff Difference

We know your time is valuable, and are committed to simplifying the car buying process to make your next purchase as fast, easy, and transparent as possible.

We offer you our best price first, which means we’ve also removed the negotiation – one of the most painful parts of the buying process. We don’t add any additional fees to your deal. And if you have a vehicle to trade in, we’ll give you a written offer to buy your car, even if you don’t buy ours. And with our three-day return and exchange policy, it’s impossible to buy the wrong car.

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So why buy Certified Pre-Owned? Because you’re guaranteed a high quality used BMW that feels and performs like new, that’s why! Visit us at Pfaff BMW and our local Mississauga dealership at 4505 Dixie Road to test drive a model from this program today.

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