Benefits Of Driving BMW SUVs

Benefits Of Driving BMW SUVs

In recent decades the automotive industry has witnessed a shift in popular vehicle models, as more and more drivers look to SUVs to cover all of their needs. There are many benefits of driving BMW SUVs, including spacious interiors, safety level, and more! In this article by Pfaff BMW, our Mississauga dealership will take a look at just a few of the features that make SUVs the perfect travel companion!

Exceptionally X

BMW’s X lineup consists of some of the most exciting SUVs on the current market. Take, for example, the new and improved X5 that hit dealerships this year, as it brings further engineering improvements to every drive. There are many optional add-ons that can improve the entire driving experience, including the Adaptive M Suspension, equipping the SUV with swivel motors that can flatten the chassis in cornering for total control and agile handling.

Smoother Ride

The suspension system incorporated into every BMW SUV can swallow up the imperfections of the road, so you won’t have to feel every bump and ditch on your drive, ensuring a smooth, and comfortable ride no matter where you go. Electronically controlled dampers, newly standard on specific X models to further your comfort, while the new optional four-wheel air suspension creates even more stability.

Higher Vantage Point

Surveying the road from the driver seat of the SUV allows you to gain a better vantage point of your surroundings. Whether you are checking your blind spots, viewing the traffic ahead, or flicking your eyes to the rearview mirror, sitting up higher on the road provides you with a more precise and complete understanding of the traffic and road conditions surrounding your BMW.

Spacious Cabin

Drivers can fit more passengers, and stow a more substantial amount of cargo in SUVs, making these vehicles as practical and useful as BMWs are beautiful. Many X models can be equipped with convenience add-ons, like the motion sensor open and close function of the trunk, to make the loading and unloading process a breeze.

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