Why Drive Coupé Cars

Why Drive Coupé Cars

The performance and capabilities of a car can wholly depend on its body type. Those looking for space and utility typically lean towards an SUV while those in the market for a bit more grounded drive will turn to coupé cars to satiate their appetite for agile handling. Mississauga residents who are wondering why choose and drive coupé cars over other body types on the market today, then Pfaff BMW has your answer. Keep reading to find out!

Shorter Wheelbase

Coupés are designed with shorter wheelbases, that are smaller than other car types, to offer a higher level of performance and handling for drivers. With its quick and compact turning capabilities, coupés are the perfect cars for city driving as they excel in maneuvering through tight spaces. Agile handling and quality performance are what makes driving this class so fun and exciting.

Lightweight Design

The overall weight of coupé cars can sometimes be a lot less than sedan trims, allowing for faster acceleration and instant breaking. If you take a look at acceleration speeds of vehicles across the automotive industry, you’ll notice it is coupé cars and sports cars, with their lightweight body designs, that offer the greatest speeds and thrust capabilities. These cars are also judged on their ability to stop quickly and efficiently, so their braking power is out of this world.

Flawless Bodies

Sleek, sharp, and stunning- all perfect words to describe coupé designs, as they provide car enthusiasts with breathtaking bodies that cause bystanders to stop in their tracks and turn green with envy. If you are of a mind to own a vehicle that can drop jaws and widen eyes, then a coupé is perfect for you, especially when you consider the beautiful BMW models available on the market today.

Great Coupé Models

BMW is no stranger to producing quality coupés that offer everything in the way of performance, handling, acceleration, and power. At Pfaff BMW, we have great offers on the 4 Series and M4 coupés, as well as the 8 Series, and M2 and M6 trims.

To experience the thrilling nature of coupé cars, and all that they have to offer you, a trip to Pfaff BMW and our Mississauga dealership is all that is needed! Drop by our facility at 4505 Dixie Road today, and let us show you what we mean!

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