Test Drive a BMW 5 Series

Test Drive a BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is the embodiment of the modern business sedan, thanks to its dynamic and elegant appearance that visually stuns while the Powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, intelligent lightweight construction, and Integral Active Steering, physically performs. Mississauga residents interested in test driving this sleek model in the BMW lineup should visit us at Pfaff BMW. But first, continue to read through this article to understand the brilliant capabilities the 5 Series has to offer you.

Dynamically Different

The seventh generation and latest sedan model in the 5 Series lineup utilizes lightweight materials, such as aluminum and ultra-modern aluminum alloys, to create a vehicle almost 100 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. This innovative lightweight construction ensures an evenly distributed weight between the front and rear axle, creating a balanced machine with a lower centre of gravity, resulting in driving dynamics out of this world.

Completely in Control

The 5 Series is more than its powerful exterior, as progressive technologies of tomorrow work under the hood and behind the dashboard to enable total control of your car. The Driving Experience Control offers drivers the ability to adapt to any driving and road conditions they are faced with, providing the choice of the standard COMFORT mode, ECO PRO Mode, geared towards efficiency, and SPORT mode, which enables even more dynamic driving. The system now offers the use of the new interactive ADAPTIVE Mode, as it continuously adjusts the Dynamic Damper Control, and the steering and the Steptronic transmission to suit your current driving situation.

Utterly Efficient

Choose to outfit your new BMW 5 Series with the BMW EfficientDynamics package to command further efficiency. When demand for cooling air is low, an air valve inside the Active Air Stream kidney grille remains closed, leading to ideal cd values as low as 0.22, highly unique to this class of car. It is a further champion in its class when it comes to acceleration and CO2 emissions. For the first time ever, the Intelligent Auto Start-Stop function has been included, switching the engine off when the car has been stopped for a certain period of time.

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