Where to get SUVs in Mississauga

Have you been driving through traffic noticing how many more larger vehicles are on the roads these days from over twenty years ago? Why might that be? With so many benefits to owning and driving an SUV, what isn’t to love about these larger, roomier, vehicles? If you are in the market for more space, more power, and more safety then Pfaff BMW is here to help you, with a large selection of both new and used SUVs at our Mississauga dealership.


Enhanced Suspension

Driving in an overall more substantial vehicle affords you a better vantage point of the road. Not only do you sit up higher, getting a better view of the surrounding area, but the ride will also be smoother too. The higher ride height means that the distance between the road and the passengers is even greater, allowing for better suspension.


The SUV can glide over holes and bumps in the road causing less disturbance to the driver and passengers. Whether cruising along a highway or navigating those challenging backcountry roads, an SUV will be at home on any road condition.



BMW is consistently creating newer, safer, tech to outfit their vehicles with. So no matter the model, you will receive state-of-the-art technology that will make your overall drive more reliable, and more convenient.


Say goodbye to awful parking jobs, thanks to the automatic car-park parking, the fully-automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant will find the digital plan of the parking lot online, and use that information to park your vehicle in an empty space!


Room For More

Whether you are toting around your family, friends, pets, or sports gear, there will always be enough space for your passengers and your cargo inside of an SUV! Utilize the spacious trunk, or pop down the back seats for added packing space.


Owning a larger vehicle means never having to leave anything behind when you’re loading up for that big trip, so no need to compromise, bring it all!


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If you are looking to buy an SUV in the Mississauga area, then we encourage you to consider purchasing a BMW SUV from Pfaff BMW!


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