Where to get an SUV in Mississauga

Surveying the road ahead of you, and the cars in the lanes next to you, is so much more accessible from the seat of an SUV over that of any other vehicle build. The advantages of owning and driving an SUV are immense when you take the time to think about it. Mississauga residents who prefer to drive more substantial, more powerful and spacious vehicles, can obtain an SUV fit just for them when they visit us here at Pfaff BMW and let our expert staff help them find the BMW of their dreams.


Smoother Drive

BMW SUVs offer superior handling control and smoother drives, no matter the conditions on the road, so you can easily traverse backcountry roads like you would your neighbourhood streets.


Take the BMW X7; this luxurious SUV offers genuine offroad potential and versatile on-road capabilities. The adaptive 2-axle air suspension, innovative chassis control system, as well as the Integral Active Steering, work together to ensure maximum control and supreme comfort for the driver and passengers alike.


Room to Spare

Not only does an SUV afford you more cargo and passenger space, but the overall roominess in the cabin allows for total relaxation and space to breathe even on the most stressful drives.


Never feel squished again during a long car ride, thanks to the higher roof, larger leg room, and wider seats of our SUV line up over other sedans, and sports car builds. Make the space even airier by opening up the larger modelled sunroof and let in the fresh air and sunlight.


Added Tech

Whether you like to outfit your vehicle with the latest, smartest tech, or you prefer the simplicity of standard models and features- BMW lets you choose what you want to put behind the wheel of your SUV.


Add a personal touch to your BMW with Original BMW Accessories, enhance your SUV’s driving capabilities with Original BMW parts, or dress to the nines and outfit your new vehicle with the most advanced BMW tech on the market. Whatever you decide- we can do!


Visit Us

Mississauga residents can get their hands on new or gently-used SUVs this February, when they come on down to Pfaff BMW, located at 4505 Dixie Road, to drive away with their very own BMW today.


Please continue to peruse our website at your leisure, orclick here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or schedule a test drive of one of our elegantly engineered SUVs!