Features of the BMW M850i

Features of the BMW M850i

Since their creation over a century ago, the BMW brand has turned the automotive industry into their studio, and their model lineup into finely tuned works of art. Every year BMW works to outdo themselves, reaching new levels of innovation and design, as they have done with the appearance of the first 8 series coupe. Introducing the new BMW M850i, lovingly sculpted and painstakingly crafted, this masterpiece is now available at Pfaff BMW, conveniently located at our Mississauga dealership.



The BMW M850i houses a BMW N63 engine under the hood, revamped with a stiffer crankcase, revised cylinder heads, and larger twin-scroll turbos, upping this twin-turbo V8 to pack a more powerful punch. Boasting a peak power of 523 bhp, with a maximum torque figure of 553 lb-ft from just 1800rpm, the 8 series BMW easily hits zero to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds! This car could almost lift off if not for the top speed limit of 155mph.



The M850i takes a page out of the M550i sedan’s design, as it utilizes a mix of double wishbone front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, and all-wheel drive. Adaptive damping, active roll stabilization, BMW’s xDrive four-wheel-drive system, and the Integral Active Steering set-up come together under the roof of this superior vehicle and work in harmony to create an agile, automotive masterpiece.



Not only will the speed of this elegantly engineered BMW take your breath away, but so too will the overall design. The available option for a carbon fibre roof is the first of its kind outside of the BMW M lineup. Detail oriented in every way, the cabin of the 8 series posses precisely stitched Merino leather that covers most of the surfaces, while the exterior benefits from a new take on the BMW iconic kidney grille.


This vehicle is refined in every sense of the word, as it offers fingertip-light steering, cohesive controls, and turbocharged power that accelerates as naturally as humans breath, all wrapped into one sleek and sumptuous design.


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