Should I buy a new BMW in Mississauga?

Should I buy a new BMW in Mississauga?
If you are looking for reasons why to buy a new BMW vehicle in Mississauga, then Pfaff BMW has got the answers! In this article by Pfaff BMW, we will take a look at why Mississauga residents should consider a 2018 BMW X5! BMW’s X5 has been a top contender in the crossover SUV segment for quite a while now, and the 2018 BMW X5 is another example of the things that BMW gets right with their vehicles. This year’s X5 makes you feel like you are sitting in the lap of luxury with its spacious and well-designed cabin, strong engine options, and a multitude of available safety and technological feature. Read on for more information about it.

The BMW X5 comes in multiple available engines
While some automakers only include one or two engine options, the 2018 BMW X5 is loaded with different choices. There is a 3.0-L turbo-6, a 3.0-L turbo diesel, a 4.4-L twin-turbo V8, and a plug-in hybrid variant. The V8 is available on the line-topping X5 M trim, which generates a whopping 567 hp. All engines are paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The BMW X5 has a luxury feel
The 2018 BMW X5 might look a bit boring on the outside, but on the interior, it is truly luxurious. There is a well-designed three-spoke steering wheel, and you can take your choice of different aluminum and wood paneling trims. The leather and leatherette seats are comfortable and have unique stitching patterns in the front and rear.

The BMW X5 comes with great ride quality
The 2018 BMW X5 has an impeccable ride quality that lets you know you are rolling in luxury. The ride feels nice and soft, and the vehicle handles all sorts of bumps and rough road surfaces with ease. Also, if you take this vehicle up to highway speeds, you won’t hear much in the way or wind, road, or engine noise.

Safety is key with the BMW X5
BMW is known for having high safety standards. The 2018 BMW X5 is riddled with safety features, including a 360-degree view camera, adaptive cruise control, and active lane control. You can add BMW’s Traffic Jam Assistant and Parking Assistant for extra help getting through some crowded city spaces.

If you are looking for reasons to buy a new BMW in Mississauga, then look no further than a BMW X5 from Pfaff BMW in Mississauga. The benefits of buying a new BMW vehicle are undeniable. For more information about our selection of new BMW vehicles, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.