Why should people in Mississauga drive AWD sedans

Why should people in Mississauga drive AWD sedans?

It can be hard to find a car or SUV that performs in the harshest conditions Ontario can offer, while still offering an exceptional driving experience on milder days. That’s where xDrive, BMW’s unique all-wheel drive system, comes into play. It’s an intelligent all-wheel drive system, meaning it gathers data and adapts on the fly, optimizing traction based on any given situation. An xDrive-equipped BMW is ideal for Ontario’s dynamic climate, and many Mississauga residents love the year-round confidence and performance that comes with an xDrive BMW. In this article by Pfaff BMW, we will take a look at why Mississauga residents should consider an AWD sedan.

How does BMW xDrive Intelligent AWD work?

In normal driving conditions, xDrive distributes power in a 40/60 split between front and rear axles, with the rear axle getting the majority. xDrive is perpetually gathering data so it can appropriately adjust power distribution  between each individual wheel using an electronically controlled gearbox and a multi-plate clutch system.

xDrive constantly monitors the speed of each wheel. If it detects any wheel slip, xDrive will send power to the wheels with better traction. Total time from spin detection to redistribution of power is just milliseconds, so you’ll have the power you need to tackle tough Ontario driving conditions, right when you need it.

xDrive also measures data like acceleration and steering direction, so the system can produce the best possible outcome based on every piece of information.

What are some advantages of BMW xDrive?

One reason the BMW xDrive system is so unique is that it offers increased safety as well as an enhanced, fun driving experience. The inside and outside wheels of a turning car will always have a different radius, so they need to travel at different speeds in order for the car to turn efficiently. When you’re taking a corner in an xDrive BMW, the system reduces the power sent to the wheels on the inside of the turn.

With its rear-wheel bias under safe driving conditions, xDrive gives you the feel and responsiveness of rear-wheel drive. As many driving enthusiasts will tell you, rear-wheel drive is a lot more fun, and the xDrive system gives you the sensation of that engaging drive while also providing the safety of all-wheel drive in more difficult conditions. With xDrive, Ontario, and Mississauga drivers never have to sacrifice the joy of the drive to ensure safety.

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