Used Car Leasing Mississauga

Used Car Leasing Mississauga

When it comes to new luxury cars, leasing is an extremely popular choice. For some luxury brands, more than half of their new car sales are actually leases. The short-term options can put drivers in a new car every few years and helps ensure that they are always in the hottest new car. However, what if you're looking at used models from those same brands? Is leasing that four-year old luxury car still an option? Is it still a good idea? If you are looking for used car leasing in the Mississauga, we encourage you to visit our Pfaff BMW website or come in and visit us today! We can get you into your dream car with affordable payments.


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Many of the same benefits apply to leasing used as to leasing new. In some ways, it can be even better. For example:


Lower Payments:

The lion’s share of any lease payment goes toward depreciation. Since most depreciation occurs during the first two years after a car sells, there is less of a gap to cover with pre-owned leases. Also, the capital cost is lower for a pre-owned car than for a new car, just as it would be for the sale price.


Major Repairs Covered:

You can get a used car lease with great repair coverage. Since used cars more than 3 years old are twice as likely to need repairs, this can make or break the deal. If you cannot get comprehensive breakdown/repair coverage as part of the used car lease, it’s probably best to avoid leasing. Getting stuck in a lease agreement with a car that won’t run is a nightmare no one wants to face.




Turn it in and walk away, or lease something else:

Like new car leasing, used car leasing offers the freedom to bring the car back and walk away with a different one at the end of the term. If you have negotiated the lease agreement well and haven't exceeded your mileage limits or wear and tear, you should owe nothing at this point and be free to buy the vehicle or start a new lease.


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