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Sedans For Sale
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Looking for sedans for sale? Have you tried Pfaff BMW in Mississauga? We have a massive selection of different types of BMW sedans for sale, and we encourage you to schedule a test drive in one today! In this article by Pfaff BMW, we will talk about the specifications of the 2018 BMW 7 Series! BMW has a long tradition of creating the automotive future. They believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the BMW 7 Series, BMW is creating tomorrow’s luxury today. Thanks to game-changing innovations, benchmarking comfort and contemporary design as well as dynamics that are both impressive and highly efficient. Read on for more information.


The new BMW 7 Series represents a take on contemporary luxury. BMW considers technical innovation and a high quality of all details as indispensable as the emotional form language and the atmosphere of wellbeing of the interior. During the design process, they worked with the idea of ‘Technological Poetry,’ which is the feeling of a perfect interaction between progressive technology and its translation into design.  The BMW 7 Series extends typical BMW driving pleasure to include the enjoyment of being driven. Passengers who occupy the luxurious seats in the rear enjoy a generous amount of space. Optional Active Comfort Drive chassis technology offers a driving experience of unrestricted comfort and dynamics in every situation. Ambient light design and innovative comfort and entertainment functions ensure a supreme level of relaxed travelling pleasure.


The BMW Touch Command is a tablet with 7” display integrated into the centre armrest in the rear. It is connected to the car’s systems and offers comprehensive operation and setting options. Using the tablet, the rear seats and front passenger seat can be adjusted, for example. Air conditioning, ventilation and seat heating in the rear can be operated, as well as the interior lighting with Ambient light, the blinds for the glass sunroof and the roller sunblinds. For example, the entertainment functions can be controlled and desired media (such as movies) can be played on the displays in the rear. The portable BMW Touch Command can be conveniently charged from the snap-in adapter.


With BMW Gesture Control, selected functions can be operated by means of defined hand movements. Simple gestures such as ‘swiping’ or ‘pointing’ are identified in the recognition area above the centre console and trigger functions such as accepting or rejecting an incoming telephone call, proceeding or cancelling navigation as well as starting and ending voice recordings. Volume can be adjusted by circular motions of the index finger. Gesture Control complements the existing control systems such as the iDrive Touch Controller.


Innovative lightweight construction, pioneering engines or a highly intelligent energy management are the best examples: The innovations of the BMW EfficientDynamics engineers set new standards. In the BMW 7 Series, they unite in masterful perfection. The result is the optimum combination of driving comfort, dynamics and efficiency. Whether the goal is maximum performance or minimum fuel consumption, for BMW, the focus is always on delivering quintessential BMW driving pleasure. BMW EfficientDynamics is the strategy developed by BMW to minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while simultaneously increasing dynamics and driving pleasure. It is a comprehensive technology package that encompasses the engine, energy management and the vehicle concept, and comes with every BMW.

The 2018 BMW 7 Series are available at our Pfaff BMW dealership in Mississauga. We recommend that you schedule a test drive in the vehicle of your choice at your earliest convenience! When you are looking at sedans for sale in the Mississauga area, the only true way to tell if the vehicle is for you, is to take it for a spin! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.