BMW 5 Series Mississauga.

BMW 5 Series Mississauga

With new engine choices for 2018, the BMW 5 Series in Mississauga should be even more enticing if you’re shopping for a midsize luxury sedan. Whether it’s the latest in technology and safety or just a comfortable and luxurious interior you’re after, the perennially popular 5 Series is sure to satisfy. If you are looking for a BMW 5 Series vehicle, we recommend that you come into our Pfaff BMW dealership today. We have a very large selection or premium quality new and pre-owned BMW vehicles. Come into our dealership today and see for yourself! Read on for more information about the BMW 5 Series in Mississauga at Pfaff BMW.

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Sporty and stylish for every occasion: the BMW 5 Series Sedan is always ahead of the competition thanks to its athletic appearance. Yet the success is not purely coincidental. After all, success is not simply in the genes, but an expression of precise attention to detail. The BMW 5 Series at Pfaff BMW is the embodiment of the modern business sedan. Thanks to its dynamic and simultaneously elegant appearance, it convincingly meets the expectations that are placed today on a vehicle of its class: aesthetic athleticism and driving pleasure with state-of-the-art technology.


Driving Dynamics

Where dynamics are concerned, the BMW 5 Series shifts the boundaries. Powerful engines impressively transmit its sporty exterior to the road. Yet apart from power, the BMW 5 Series is not only able to offer power but also brains. This is because the progressive technologies of tomorrow which enable it to exploit its dynamics to the full make it a true hero. The Driving Experience Control offers the driver the choice between the standard COMFORT mode, ECO PRO Mode, geared towards efficiency, and SPORT mode, which enables even more dynamic driving. The new interactive function ADAPTIVE Mode continuously adjusts the Dynamic Damper Control, the steering and the Steptronic transmission to suit the current driving situation.


Triumphing in every situation calls for one thing above all: first-class equipment. The countless digital services and driver assistance systems of the BMW 5 Series guarantee seamless connectivity with the outside world while their intuitive operation ensures maximum comfort and safety with maximum productivity. The BMW 5 Series in Mississauga is very technologically advanced. Wireless charging includes a wireless dock and additional USB ports. A roof aerial connection improves mobile reception. Two mobile telephones and an audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. Also included are: Bluetooth Office and the technical capacity for a hotspot. The equipment includes a built-in WiFi hotspot using the LTE standard, which allows for a paid internet connection. The vehicle is connected via the built-in SIM card with a fee-based hotspot plan from a service provider.


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